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Professional Development


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Our team has earned a reputation for delivering captivating, entertaining, courageous, and learning-packed keynote speeches at your upcoming corporate functions, well-being initiatives, staff development sessions, or conferences. These keynote addresses encompass a diverse array of well-being and mental health subjects, accommodating various time frames. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be ready to participate. To learn more, reach out to us via the contact information provided.


Our team is available to conduct diverse bespoke workshops designed specifically for you, your team, and your specific requirements, regardless of the group size or location. With extensive expertise in various subjects, just let us know your preferences, and we will curate a program that aligns perfectly with you’re looking for. No topic is considered too challenging, sensitive or delicate for us to address.


Joy and the team have served as consultants, speakers, trainers, and advisors for educational institutions, encompassing private and public schools, for numerous years. They cover a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from staff conflict resolution and professional growth to overall staff, student and parent well-being. Our involvement extends to collaborating with parent collectives, specific student assemblies, and even individual therapeutic assistance. Our team enthusiastically engages with schools, tailoring our approach to meet the school’s aspirations and goals while reinforcing the school’s values, ethos and desired outcomes.


Parenting is simply the hardest job that any of us ever take on! And there are so many opinions and thoughts about who and how we should be. At Joy Anasta and Associates, we are committed to facilitating and supporting you as you navigate the sometimes confusing, overwhelming, often frustrating, and occasionally frightening world of parenthood. Our team offer a wide range of professional experiences and knowledge regarding development needs, behaviour and dysregulation modification, co-parenting during and after separation, and so much more. And everyone on the team is a parent and has a purposeful and real understanding of both the highs and the lows of the long-term investment of parenting.


Offering 20 years of qualified supervision to some 40 practitioners, G.P.s, social workers and other professionals, and as practitioners ourselves, we understand the tension between the demands of our work and caring for ourselves. Supervision is about being the best we can be so we can be safe for both ourselves and our clients and is a necessary part of the life of any professional who works closely with people who experience the difficulties of life.

Our experience as educators, practitioners and professionals inform our regular engagements as speakers for many and various forums of professional development. We are also working on a new range of topics to be delivered as professional development for counsellors and psychotherapists. Our professional development program offers 2hr, half and full-day options as well as 2-day Master Classes that tackle the tricky topics that are sometimes overlooked but give attendees something to ‘get their teeth into’. Our feedback frequently speaks to the interesting, informative and helpful product we deliver.

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