Mental Health in the Modern World

Mental health is a term that has become part of our everyday language. Interestingly, what is actually more likely to be discussed is someone’s mental ill-health which can range from a sense of feeling a bit ‘off’ or ‘wobbly’ in their life through to experiencing a real and frightening panic about how they can continue or keep going. These distressing emotions may be due to a change in their circumstances incorporating anything to do with employment, or living environments right through to the death of someone related to, or cared for, or a significant change in health through accident or illness and everything in between. Finding help can be tricky, and online strategies are helpful, but talking through what is happening for you may just be what you need.

The purpose of therapy is to understand the influences that have shaped us into where we now find ourselves, and then the creation of a future that looks different from the past. Therapy is a place of hope and of tomorrow, and of the courage to change so as to have a different outcome.

Mental Health and Life Experiences

One of the things that causes me the greatest grief is when I hear stories of a child or young person who has experienced deep unkindness, difficulty or abuse. One of the other things is when I see people stuck and held captive because of those experiences.

Mental health is a sense of well-being, of contentment in our lives because we are at peace with who we are, how we are living, and in the choices we make. When we do not always need to be ‘right’, but we are able to trust that we are safe with ourselves. When our friends feel safe with us, because we are safe to be with.

This is possible. And it is achievable.

Talk to us. Be heard … because we listen.

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Joy Anasta is the Principle and Clinical Lead with over 26 years in private practice having initially trained as a Registered Nurse before transitioning into psychotherapy. Joy loves to walk, and she often wanders through the Adelaide Hills or along the beach on the weekends. Her delights are cooking for family and friends, finding fun and laughter, and music.